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Amazing, dot't believe it? You want to know how we do that? It's a simple process do describe and tricky to produce. We heat the wood up to 400F in the kiln with the help of steam, so the wood does not burn. We cook out all the sugar from the wood cells. So the water does not affect the wood during the further water exposure. All process takes about 18 hours. We say that we speed up the process of aging the wood. So under the microscope the cell structure looks exactly the same as 350 year old barn wood. So it becomes the most advanced green, natural and solid material for outdoors surface material like decking, siding, ceilings and wall panels.

Wood that does not rot, swell or decay

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The main reason thermo-treated wood is durable and stable for 25 years is the molecular changes that occur when wood undergoes the targeted temperatures during the process. More specifically, 95% of the polysaccharides (sugar for fungi) are removed during this high temperature stage, which dramatically increases durability (more than 25 times than original wood. Also, the wood substantially reducing moisture related shrinking and swelling.

  • Increased dimensional stability - Moisture related shrinkage and swelling is reduced by 5-15 times
  • Enhanced Visually - the finished product has an even brown color consistent to the center of the wood and the grain structure is beautifully accented.
  • 100% chemically free - it is a 100% “Green” product and “Green” technology

WelldoneWood Thermo-Treated Wood Products

Solid Wood - Green and Chemicals free

Complete your product profile with solid wood thermo treated house siding and decking

Be closer to nature at your private residence with our wood deck ties that substitute ipe wood decking 




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