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High Temperature Modified Wood Products


Welldonewood RollFloor 2'x3' Thermo-treated Poplar


Material: Thermo Poplar
Durability: 25 Year
Stain: Penetrating Oil 
Width: 2 ft
Length: 3 ft
Thickness: 1/2 Inch

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OutDoor Rated | Durable for 25 years

RollFloor Features

Welldonewood RollFloor are a simple solution to cover uncomfortable areas of our life with eco-friendly floors. The product is made in the USA with outdoor rated and environmentally safe thermo-treated American hardwoods.  RollFloors are a flexible eco-friendly wooden product, which is durable for outdoor applications for 25 years. 

We do not use any chemicals to protect the wood fiber – it becomes naturally protected by proprietariy high-temperature treatment (up to 400F) in special chambers. To fasten thermo-treated wooden planks together we use ecologically friendly EPDM backing material, which is weather durable, and non-sliding on ceramic, cement or wooden floors. 

Also this will not leave marks on surfaces and, if needed, is easy to cut to specific length. 

Our RollFloors are 2’ wide, 3’ long and ½” thick and can be joined together to make a desirable

length and width. 

Garden and Parks
RV, Camping
On the Beach
Pool Areas
Construction Sites

RollFloor Applications

Thermo-treated American Hardwood

​RollFloors are a simple solution to cover uncomfortable areas of our life with eco-friendly floors. They are made from thermo-treated wooden planks, joint together with special flexible poly strips and staples, which makes it easy to roll.

Eco Friendly | Can be Joint Together   

RollFloor Mat