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Plywood Technology

High grade plywood usually used for furniture manufacture, interior/exterior design, toys manufacturing. At the same time plywood is well known as a perfect material for flooring manufacturing. High durability and strength makes it perfect material for wood flooring. It is easy to work with plywood, it brings you high level of moisture and humidity resistance.  Nearly perfectly sanded faces gives you a steady base for engineered floors. 

The quality of the birch plywood in the same grade and thickness can significantly differ not only between different countries and manufacturers, but within different manufacturing plants that belongs to one manufacturer. The quality also depends on a season. As the face of the plywood can meet grade standard, internal layers may have certain defects like have openings, splits that appears over the time. 

Our company purchases plywood from one of the highest quality manufacturer, that internal quality standards are even higher than international or local standards.

We are proud of the product that we sell and looking forward to prove you significance of our approach. Request a quote or a sample, and come back to us with an order. Our plywood is in stock. 

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Our available Formats: 4x8 (12mm, 15mm and 18mm) in B/BB (I/II) or BB/BB (II/II) Grading.

Strength Specifications
Minimum Ultimate Strength, MPa Shear along the glue layer 1,5
Static bending along the grain
(of the outer layers)
Tension along the grain 30
Minimum Elastic Module Static bending along the grain 7000

Birch Plywood

We are offering a high quality Baltic Birch Plywood that appears to be as a perfect construction material, exceptionally durable and moisture stable hardwood. 

Baltic Birch from these vicinities is grown in extremely continental climate possesses excellent strength properties with beautiful white colored fiber which makes our plywood far superior than Birch plywood manufactured in other parts of the world.
Our B (I) Grade Sample
General Specifications
Standard sizes*, mm (ft) 1220x2440 (4x8)
Standard thicknesses, mm (in) 12mm (1/2 Inch)
15mm (5/8 Inch)
18mm (3/4 Inch)
Grading, Eur (US) B/BB (I/II)
Formaldehyde Emmission Class E1
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-10

Baltic birch is well known for extremely high quality that can be recognized by precisely accurate cross pointed layers, with only 1 mm or less thickness. The thinner inside layers are, the more durable sheet you get, as in the specified thickness of the sheet you will get more layers that gives you additional stability and strength. 

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Our BB (II) Grade Sample