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High Temperature Modified Wood Products


General Support for choosing a decking material


Even if our product has highest durability and stability in class, it is important to take care of the wood, as it's a natural product. As most of the materials in the world it fades under the sun Ultra Violet radiation, but with our recommendations you can easily save the outstanding look and save on future material replacement

Avoid over-expectations related with TTW:

  • The thermo-modification increases durability of the wood 25 times on molecular level, BUT to keep TTW “in shape” it still needs the care and maintenance as other natural wood products.
  • We decreased shrinkage and swelling of TTW 5-15 times, BUT not have turned the wood into the stone – it still move slightly with relative humidity changes and can crack if not maintained properly.
  • We turn the color of TTW into a beautiful brown exotic-like tint, BUT the brown color silver under the direct sunlight, as the color of any natural material will fade, therefore it needs UV protection.

A unique thermal-modification process applied to lumber turns wood into a durable and beautifully looking product without any chemicals. The changes happen on the molecular level, but physically it is the same specie of wood. This material is perfect for decking material, house siding, it's easy and cost saving by building a deck, using our decking boards or building a Welldonewood Siding.  

Cutting and Drilling

You can use Thermo Treated Wood (TTW) like you would regular, non-treated wood. Cut it, sand it, nail it, drill it, paint or stain it as you would practically any standard-grade lumber, using the same standard tools. TTW is all natural wood, only drier (4% EMC) and slightly more brittle than un-treated wood. 

Unlike other exterior products, TTW is evenly modified throughout so you are assured of the same performance and look from board center to outside edge. No extraordinary care is needed after sawing and machining TTW - its characteristics and color are consistent throughout the product.