United States and Canada

High Temperature Modified Wood Products


Manufacturing process

Our basic process is simple:

We first presort the rough wood, then form technology related bundles and cook the wood. After the treatment process we take out all the defects that comes out during thermo treatment and calibrate boards in to dimensional lumber. After that we cut the boards in to profiles for ready products (decking, siding and flooring) and do the second quality check. After that we pack the products in to ready to ship bundles.

What do we have on the end:

  • Natural material (Wood) and green
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Only high quality FAS raw materials used
  • High quality and stability of finished products
  • Client satisfaction in product durability and lifetime
  • Well known to market and demand growth (current product shortage on market)
  • Lowest market price

The major benefit in front of European manufacturers – that technology can produce hardwood as well as softwood – European produces mostly softwood products

More about Manufacturing you can find on thermotreatedwood.com

300 years old lumber

Enhanced Visually - the finished product has an even brown color consistent to the center of the wood and the grain structure is beautifully accented.

Normal Kiln dried lumber

Thermo-treated lumber

The molecular structure of the Thermo-Treated wood is the same as 300 years old wood. It can be said, that we speeded up the process of ordering the wood.

Westwod Manufacturing

A little Science

The main reason for durability and stability of the thermo-treated woods is the molecular changes that occur when wood undergoes the targeted temperatures during the process. More specifically, 95% of the polysaccharides (food for fungi) are removed during this high temperature stage, which dramatically increases durability (more than 25 times than original wood. Also, the wood substantially reducing moisture related shrinking and swelling.