United States and Canada

High Temperature Modified Wood Products


Before taking our technology to market we have tested our materials and products for the lifetime using applicable methodology starting from chemical structure comparison tests and ending with water, fire and termite tests. Based on the research we made we figure out the most advance technology of heating each specie to qualify for 25 years lifetime. 

Welldonewood Product Warranty

All our wood products like Deck, Siding, Flooring, Cladding or Ceiling are provided with 25 year warranty certificate. We are proud of our product quality and always working on improving.



Westwood Heat Treated Lumber Corporation (“Westwood”) warrants to the “Qualified Owner” (as defined below) that its Westwood Thermo-treated wood material is manufactured in accordance with industry standards and will, as manufactured, be:​

  • Free from the internal checks and honeycombs, caused by the thermo-treatment process, when graded as FAS or Select & Better before the thermo-treatment;
  • Will not suffer due to rot or decay for a period of at least 25 years from the date of purchase, if the applied thermo-treatment process was qualified as 25 years for outdoor applications (has special record or mark), product is finished (for outdoors applications and high-moisture areas) and maintained as described in Westwood Installation Instruction (“Covered Product”).

A “Qualified Owner” is the original purchaser of a product, manufactured as Covered Product and Westwood extends the Warranty also to the subsequent owner of a structure on which the product is originally installed. 

This Warranty is applies to Covered Product, that is selected, purchased, handled, installed and maintained in accordance with Westwood’s Installation Instruction for the Covered Product, which is available to download at www.thermotreatedwood.com. This Warranty is transferable and is limited to applications located within the continental United States of America, Alaska and Canada. 

​Full version of warranty Certificate (Download)