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High Temperature Modified Wood Products


Westwood Technology

Thermo-treatment processes all have in common the treatment of sawn wood at elevated temperatures in the range between 160 °C and 260 °C (320 – 450 °F) in an oxygen-free environment. The main differences between the processes are to be seen in the process conditions (process steps, steam or nitrogen, wet or dry process, use of oils, steering schedules etc.) and published in several patents. Westwood is the latest world technology of a new generation introducing the 3-D heat control, which is important to treat hardwoods and get a predictable treatment result.

Westwood (Westwood Corp. - USA) process automatically adjusts to the specie, size, initial moisture content, chemical composition and geometry of the original timber, allowing a predictable result, which is especially important to treat hardwoods. In 2007 the heat wave control was improved to 3-D Technology (the other European technologies use the principles of convection dry kilns, which is 1-D linear technology). The Westwood process takes 22-40 hours and has the best energy cost efficiency and equipment cost in the market.